Wrestling Covid Log - Home Workouts

(1st page * if you want more workouts ask coach Mark)

Tabata - focus of a Tabata is twice the work as rest, so you can never fully recover. won’t feel bad at first, but recovery rate will diminish. Typically 8rounds of 20 on : 10 off.

*times, rounds, and exercise (or stance) can be adjusted.

Simple circuit training - exercises, work/rest time, rounds all can be adjusted. common examples 30/30, 40/20, 1:00/30, etc.

Shadow Wrestling: can really be anything.

  • great warmup for practice, etc. can drill anything you want to make a focus

  • Longer goes will be a lot tougher to stay disciplined so either do that as a challenge or make certain things a priority during those longer goes (offense/defense —> focus on down blocking/reattack, focus on faking and snapping, focus on finding your perfect setup to shot, etc.) — also great for conditioning post workout/practice

  • shorter goes will be less taxing but also should be max effort, priority can be placed on certain things as well. In regular practice scenarios this can be a good warmup to get the body moving through exact motions they will be training with their partner. Also can have a running clock (think the :30 stance —> :30 exercise —> rest workout that we do) as a warmup or conditioning… Easier — core exercise, medium — upper body, hard — legs


-as many rounds as you want (can be a couple or about up to 10 or so for a full workout)

40second stance - 20 seconds rest

-stance w/ execise

:30:30:30 stance-exercise-rest. times can be adjusted as well as exercises.

Running is always a great workout for guys who can run and not hurt themselves:

@aerobiccapacity on Instagram is a great resource. Intervals and repeats are probably best for wrestlers, not so much long distance runs.

These are more for training mental side of pushing through things:

Murph: 1 mi run - 100 pull-ups - 200 pushup’s - 300 air squats - 1 mi run.

Rambo run: hard run 100 yds 5x - 10 pushups. then sprints 50 yds 5x - 15 pushups. then sprints 25yds 5x - 20 pushups. Sprints should be max effort.

Wrestling Workout 001


-5 Stand up turn in shot

-5 fake stay down shot

-5 swing step snap outside hand shot pull in

-5 knee sprawl reattack

-15 shots as fast as possible

Workout (Stance/Motion) 2:1

2x 2:00/1:00off

4x 1:00/:30off

8x :30/:15off

Conditioning (3 rounds as fast as possible)

25 pushups

10 jump lunges

10 sprawl circle sprawl

25 mtn climbers

Wrestling Workout 002

6 rounds :30 seconds 5 stations all back to back

burpee —> air squat —> jump split lunge —> pushup —> rest

Wrestling Workout 003


-stand up turn in pressure snap shot 10x

-downblock circile re-attack 5x each side

-double down block blast double


5 center step w/ elbow pass

5 sweep single w/ tricep pull

5 outside step w/ fake tie


stance-exercise-rest 8rounds

1:00-:40-:20 rest

offense - plank

defense - flutter kick

offence - v ups

defense - plank

offense - reverse situp

defense - russian twist

offence - plank

defense - hollow hold

Wrestling Workout 004


Sprawl Circle re-attack (5 each)

Circle knee-sprawl to blast double (5 each)

Stutter fake to wrist snap to single

WORKOUT CYCLE (core focus)

40sec plank

20 bicycle twists

40 sec plank

20 reverse sit-ups

40 sec plank

20 mountain climbers

40 sec plank

5 Banana boats (https://youtu.be/o0TgtXosYak)

Do this whole cycle 2x

WORKOUT CYCLE 2 -finisher as fast as possible

10 knee ups

6 downblock to reattack

10 jump lunge switch

4 fake snap to sweep single

10 squat jumps

3 swing step ankle picks

Do this cycle 2 times